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Our mission is to preserve videos by Sugar Pine 7 and its members
Our values
We only serve archived content once it can no longer be found on any official platforms.
We have backed up all the videos in this archive in order to ensure their preservation, but we won't serve archived versions unless we have to. We don't intend to interfere with the traffic and monetization of videos still accessible on official platforms (like YouTube or Twitch).
We run this website for free, not for profit. Archived content will be served freely, without any ads, forever.
You might still see ads with content on official platforms (like YouTube and Twitch).
Developer Blog
🔍 Introducing Transcript Search in the SP7 Archive
April 12, 2022

I'm excited to introduce Transcript Search, a big new feature launching today in the SP7 Archive.

You can now search for a specific word or phrase and find all the videos it's spoken in. Simply select the new Transcript Search option. Search across Alternative Lifestyle videos, Beyond the Pine podcast episodes, pre-SP7 Steven Suptic videos, and more!

Search results will take you directly to the moment in the video that matched your search. Click the transcript button below most videos to bring up a searchable, time-synced transcript.

It has never been easier to find and rewatch your favorite moments! For an example of how it works, take a look at this video.

I think Transcript Search will exceed your expectations, but it still isn't perfect. Here are a few limitations to keep in mind:

  • Because transcriptions are computer-generated, Transcript Search might have trouble with non-dictionary words, similar-sounding words, names, profanity, and mumbling.
  • Transcript Search does not yet include Twitch VODs.
  • Not all videos have searchable transcripts yet. As of today, 94% of all (YouTube) videos in the SP7 Archive have been transcribed.
  • Not all transcripts are time-synced. Search results for these videos will show an approximate time range instead of an exact timestamp, and you won't be able to view or search the transcripts for these videos. As of today, 73% of all video transcripts are time-synced.

Click the "Search tips" button on the search results page for some pro tips on how to effectively use Transcript Search.

I'm excited to let everyone start using this powerful new feature today. Transcript Search will only get better over time, with the goal of eventually transcribing every video in the SP7 Archive.

You can also now filter search results to a specific creator and use advanced search operators in both search modes. Put a word or phrase inside quotes to search for an "exact match". Put a hyphen (-) in front of a word to exclude results which contain it.

For anyone who isn't familiar, the SP7 Archive is a website dedicated to preserving videos by Sugar Pine 7 and its members. Please visit to learn more.

I hope these new features help everyone rediscover their favorite memorable moments. Enjoy!

⚡️ Speeding up the SP7 Archive ⚡️
November 10, 2021

The SP7 Archive just got a whole lot faster! We're excited to announce that archived videos now load much faster, seek faster, and play more reliably across devices and network conditions. Speeds are especially improved for longer videos like archived Twitch VODs.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the SP7 Archive at to watch deleted SP7 videos, old Steven Suptic videos, and expired Twitch VODs. If you have any issues with videos not playing or taking too long to load, please let us know. Happy watching!

Watch old Twitch streams on the SP7 Archive
April 10, 2021

The SP7 Archive has been archiving Twitch streams for Steve, Cib, and James since about September 2020. We recently updated the website to make old streams easier to find.

You can find expired Twitch VODs by going to, picking a channel from the dropdown, and then setting the platform filter to Twitch.

Here are two important things you should know about the SP7 Archive:

  • We don't serve archived VODs until they are at least over 60 days old and no longer viewable on Twitch. If they’re still up, we’ll show an embedded player instead.
  • We provide the archive for free, not for profit. We don't run ads, and we aren’t financially incentivized to increase traffic to our website.

For those unfamiliar with the SP7 Archive, please take a look at the launch post from 10 months ago to learn more. Enjoy!

Introducing the SP7 Archive
June 9, 2020

Introducing the SP7 Archive: A website dedicated to ensuring the preservation videos by Sugar Pine 7 and its members. Check it out at

I’m happy to finally share with all of you a project that I’ve been working on for some time. Like a lot of you, I found myself concerned with the longevity of the videos on the Sugar Pine 7 channel. This prompted me to create a free, public archive that presents all the videos that are still up alongside archived versions of those that have been taken down.

There are a few things about the archive that I want to make clear right away:

Most importantly, we run this website for free, not for profit. Archived content is served freely, without any ads (though you will still see ads with content on official platforms). We’re not doing this for money, and we have only the best intentions.

In addition, we will only ever serve archived content once it can no longer be found on any official platforms (like YouTube or Rooster Teeth). If it’s still up, we’ll link to it or play it through an embedded YouTube player instead. We don't intend to interfere with the traffic and monetization of videos still accessible on official platforms. That said, we have backed up all the videos in the archive in order to ensure their preservation in case they ever do go down. We won't serve archived versions of videos unless we have to.

And finally, we will only archive content that is freely available on official platforms. This means that we don't archive content behind a paywall (like RT First exclusive videos) unless it becomes free to watch in the future.

In addition to Sugar Pine 7 videos, the archive also includes old Steven Suptic videos. All of these videos already existed somewhere else on the internet, and it’s our hope that the archive can help make them more easily searchable and discoverable. I also hope that rewatching old videos will help serve as a much needed escape from everything going on right now.

I hope you all have a good experience using this brand new website. Please reach out if you run into any issues, have any questions/concerns, or are interested in contributing. Thanks!

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